What Are Legitimate Penny Auction Sites?

beezid.com - With the rising popularity of penny auction sites, it is only reasonable to think that there will be those out there thinking to cash in and scam innocent bidders. However, we cannot let the few spoil the fun for the majority. Instead of thinking all penny auction sites are illegitimate, you must be more diligent in your research before bidding on such sites.

You should always be able to find out more about the site you are on through their terms and conditions. If a site does not have T&Cs then this is what should make you start to doubt the site’s legitimacy. There are also a huge number of articles online that can advise you as to whether or not a penny auction site is legitimate.

beezid.com - Wiki articles are also a good route of information for they help to clarify all the differences between penny auctions and other gambling sites. Those who run legitimate penny auctions honestly state that penny auctions are not a form of gambling, however, not every auction site claiming to be legit is as honest as they make out.

Before placing any bids, be sure to do a bit of digging around on the name of the site. Search for the site on your favorite search engine to see what others have to say about it. You will soon see if they have been around for a long time, in which case they are more than likely to be trustworthy and legitimate. It is the extremely new sites that are popping up that people must be more wary of.

As long as you are aware, then you should be OK, after all no one wants to just give away their hard earned dollars to a scam artist. Although you would be surprised at how often people are fooled into thinking they are on a legitimate site, when they are not.

A few tips for those who want to see quickly if a site is legitimate are to see if the seller will accept payment via PayPal. If they do then your money will be protected via PayPal’s Buyer Protection. You can also check that the site has https in its address, as this will mean they are a secure site (instead of the more common HTTP).

beezid.com - Penny auctions sites should not all be tarnished with the same brush just because some sites are scams. Many are run by honest people just trying to make a legitimate living. Your money is in your hands so it’s up to you to do the research.

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Probably not surprising, but you will need to do your apprenticeship and be content with the more boring and small jobs while you find your feet in this fast flying career. This will last for at least four months and you would be wise to compete for a place at a highly respected firm and find the best stock broker you can to learn from.

At some point, you will have to take the General Securities Registered Representatives exam. Depending on the state you take the exam, you may need to also take the Uniform Securities Agents State Law Examination to be able to register as a stock broker, deal with stocks and start earning a salary.

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The good news is that because you will be paid by commission, finding a trainee placement is not that difficult. If you are younger, you will probably be able to survive on the lower salary than if you have a family to support. For the company, taking on trainees isn’t a bad option as they can quickly see who is going to make it and will be worthwhile their investment to train you.

To see how much your stock broker salary can be once your training is complete, just look at the current vacancies wherever you find them to get an idea. Once you are ready, contact any firms you are interested in and don’t just wait for them to advertise. If you are interested, other people will be, and a vacancy may never reach the open market so be pro-active!

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